Holy Trinity Monastery, St.David, AZ

Edge of the desert; a monastery with an rv park. Now there's an idea that churches should emulate.

Not the kind of desert wildlife I'd expected.

A pull-off site on BLM land hosted us for three days. Snow-capped Pinaleno mtns in the distance. 360 degree mountains; free, beautiful.

Sunset at the pulloff.

High noon is no problem for the well-equiped boondocker.

More free mountains boondocking. Notice the dust devil in the distance.

Orion watches over boondockers.

Near Roper Lake; campsite is beautiful.

Roadrunner came to visit, and suggested his namesake as a name for our van. So now it is official - the van is "Roadrunner."

The rainbow treasure thing is true. At the end of this one we found Paul and Sage, and a macbook pro.


One response to “Holy Trinity Monastery, St.David, AZ

  1. Thank you for this gem in the wilderness of the internet

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