Cottonwood, AZ

Wifi at the “A New Spin” laundromat in Cottonwood.  There are way too many stories and pictures to post in the time it takes the clothes to wash, so I’m thinking I’ll put them on a cd for family and anyone else who wants one once we get back.  but here ar some of the places we’ve been.

The pulloff on forest road 119 in Coconino national forest was home for relaxing and base camp for exploring.  Love it.  Before we found it, we stayed for free at the petroglyph site by Gila Bend.  From “camp 119” as we came to call it,  we went to an amazing petroglyph site called the “V bar V” site.  Besides hundreds of petroglyphs, it has a 12 foot high solar calendar that told the Sinagua people when to plant various crops, hold certain ceremonies, and even explain their spiritual origins to the young ones.

then to Montezuma’s Well (1 1/2 million gallons of water flow per day) and Montezuma’s Castle.  Neither has any connection to Montezuma – some self-appointed expert made the mistake in the late 1800’s.  Gotta go for now.

Sinaguan solar calendar

Sunset over the petroglyphs near Gila Bend.

Montezuma's Castle, a sinaguan hi-rise. Must have liked climbing ladders.


One response to “Cottonwood, AZ

  1. Such a beautiful place I can only dream of right now. The sun and the cliffs are inspiring. Thank you for sharing the beauty!

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