Acorn Yummies

Free snacks from the shore of Lake Michigan – acorn sautee and acorn flour. Leaching and drying take a lot of time, so it’s not a quick meal.  Worthwhile nevertheless.  Hey, Minnesotans from 12 mile, you should try this on the next trip to the bush.


2 responses to “Acorn Yummies

  1. Thank you for this simple acorn recipe. You always hear acorns are edible, but nobody shows you how it’s done. And grubs for appetizers? Mmmmm…can’t wait to try it.

  2. Some details glossed over: if you leach them by simmering/boiling, you use the little pieces for batter; to finish drying and grind them for flour, you have to leach them in cold water (days in a stream, eg). Cold water leaching also keeps some of the glutins, so you can have a flour that sticks together better when you wet it. Also, for hot leaching, it helps to have the water simmering before you put them in, although I usually don’t because I use just a couple of inches of water above the level of the acorns in the pot (and I am famously impatient). The acorn grubs really are pretty tasty, unlike earth grubs, which make me sick raw and aren’t improved much by frying. I hope you’ll try at least the acorns.

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